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Following the publication in 2000 of the book “Burma – A Journey of Discovery in the World of Myanmar”, Weishaupt Verlag, Gnas, is now presenting a further volume by Ingrid Horstmann, describing in words and pictures her love of the landscape, culture and people of Burma.
This time the author ventures off the beaten track, accompanied by Manfred Schramm’s text, which presents the impressions of her journey in a personal narrative form. Her journey follows a north-south axis. Whether by air, jeep, bus or boat, Ingrid Horstmann shuns no trouble, no bureaucratic obstacle and also no personal hardship in order to lead the reader into mysterious, still difficult to reach regions – to the jade cutting works, for instance, or the ruby and gold mines of Kachin State.
The New Year festival of the Nagas is described in striking impressions, as are the magic of the tattoos worn by the women of the Chin mountains, a reminder of the capricious power of early rulers, or the unchanged lives of the rural minorities in the eastern mountains.
The Shan Plateau is starting point for the multifaceted picture stories of the „balloon, Buddha and boat“ festivals that take place there, before the journey ends in the South, with the fishermen who, from their colourfully flag-bedecked boats, cast their nets in time-honoured ritual.
Questions about the meaning and the future of Burma, a country which increasingly draws the attention of the outside world, are put by Ingrid Horstmann from the perspective of a painstaking and sensitive inquirer who holds fast to her unique devotion to this country and its people.

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Myanmar / Burma erzählt. – 25 zeitgenössische Kurzgeschichten
mit Fotografien von
Ingrid Horstmann
Schröder, Klaus R; Noack, Georg
Verlag Reise-Know-How Erika Därr u. Klaus Därr, 2013

Burma – A journey of discovery into the world of Myanmar
Ingrid Horstmann
Text: Wolfgang Willaschek

2.Edition distributed by ASIA BOOKS CO, LTD, Bangkok

Burma – A journey of discovery into the world of Myanmar Photography: Ingrid Horstmann
Text: Wolfgang Willaschek
Publisher: Verlag Weishaupt 1999

Calendar 1999 „Development of a journey through time“
Edition Verlag Neureuter, München

Vietnam, 1999, Times Edition

The way to a happy life
Walter Lübeck & Ingrid Horstmann
Verlag Kleine Schritte, 1997

Ingrid Horstmann